Girls on Adventure, discover the world!

Meet Girlyventure (Girls on an adventure), the two traveling girls Anu and Neha from India. Growing up in India, they both never were big travelers, Until the first time they traveled to Europe. There they found each other through Facebook, connected instantly and since then have been travelling together. They love exploring places, cultures, trying the local “vegetarian” food and yes: dressing up fashionably and taking pictures. Altogether they have explored around 15 countries. Girlyventure’s passion goes towards travelling, photography, Fashion and Food. And that got them to create this travel blog. Through  this blog they will provide tips for organizing your trips, costs, food and transportation. You can customize it as per your liking’s. Some fashion advises along with dressing as per the weather. The girls will be only posting the details of those cities they have traveled, giving you hands-on experience. Hope this blog helps you with the details you need for your Travel. “Happy Travelling”

Recently they visited Berlin, an old city which is young at heart. The city of art, culture, history and modernity. A city, which preserved its 20th century history with the monuments and buildings and grew towards the modernization with all the latest research, business and technology industry. A hub of backpackers, Berlin is the most touristic destination in Germany. Berlin is the largest city in Germany and hence the touristic attraction cannot be covered by foot. 

To give you an impression of their writing: “Though we did explored some part by foot but we recommend to take the most convenient way to travel which is Metro/bus. A day pass or a hop on and hop off tour is a good way to travel around the city as well. We took a standard Berlin pass after a failed attempt of exploring the city on foot. As soon as we entered Berlin, a feeling of entry into the 20th centuries hit us. The remains of the entire Berlin wall can be seen at different part of the city, mostly covered in graffiti. As of touristic places, Berlin is mainly famous for its architecture buildings from cathedral to the tallest TV tower in European Union.”

This is just one of the cool things that can be learned on their website. So go to and explore the rest of their girly adventures!